party 2014


Lazy Buffalo

We played our first gig ever on August 29, 2004 so now - exactly ten years later - we want to celebrate that together with our friends and fans on August 29, 2014.

And if you got a band, your band is quite new and you are looking for a chance to play a gig, maybe even your first gig ever, you are invited to do that at our anniversary party. It won't be a gig you'll get paid for but you can be sure to have an audience that knows a lot about music and would appreciate you doing a good job playing your music!

Send an e-mail telling us about your band, what kind of music you play and why you think you should play as an opener at out party before midnight July 29, 2014 - we will answer all mails and notify the winner July 31 so you would have four weeks to prepare and rehearse for that gig.

We will have the PA for your gig, there will be plenty of beer (you should be of legal age for that) and you can even bring some of your friends so you wouldn't feel that alone on stage!

Are you interested? Don't hesitate to contact us right now!

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Lazy Buffalo