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Lazy Buffalo formed as a band in 2004 but the musically history started earlier with the Old Groove Gang, an oldies performing band where Georg and Guido played together for years. Mid April in 2003 Johnny was asked to help when they needed an additional guitar player/singer for a singulary gig. That gig on April 30 became successful so decision was made to play in that line-up in the future. Later the same year Georg had to leave Old Groove Gang due to differences with the band leader and the bass player when they wanted to bring in another friend who also played guitar. And in late fall the band broke up when both the leader and bass player left. Rest of the band did some rehearsals, added Johnny's cousin André as a keyboarder but there was no groove anymore. Plus there were arguments about what to play.
Old Groove Gang The new added guitar player claimed to lead the band into some eighties party orchestra so Johnny left the band but told Guido and André he'd like to play with them again. The remaining three part line up with Guido, Andre and the other guitar player tried to find a new bass player to get back a working band unit but they failed 'cause they would have needed a singer, too.

Johnny kept his promise. With Guido, André and Georg he started rehearsing in spring of 2004. There was no idea what to play so Johnny suggested some Neil Young songs and that worked very well. And when Thomas joined in on bass our new band Lazy Buffalo was born.

Lazy Buffalo 2004/08/29 First informal gig on August 29 was more or less successful with some technical problems but it was a lot of fun and we knew what to do next: more rehearsals.
Then on February 11, 2005 we played in a student club in Poland and there was what we wanted: a rough, loud and intense sound.
Unfortunally Thomas who is involved in at least four more musical projects didn't have the time he needed for Lazy Buffalo anymore so he left end fall 2005 but we knew he will be there when really needed. André, too, left to have more time for different projects. Knut replaced Thomas for some months and in late 2006 Stefan joined Lazy Buffalo as the new bass player. The last change was Uwe joining our band and replacing Guido in summer of 2011.

Lazy Buffalo now is:
Uwe Aigner - drums
Stefan Stademann - bass, vocals
Georg Pflaum - guitars, vocals
Johnny Yuma - guitars, vocals

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Lazy Buffalo